Product Copy

Product Copy

    Code: prodcopy

    Price: $40.99

    Product Description
    Product Copy Admin Screen

    Latest Version: 1.006

    • Custom Product Field Values are now copied
    • Attributes/Options are now copied
    • Access: a Product Copy tab is now available in the Product configuration screen. Simply edit the product you want to copy and click on the Product Copy tab

    Product Copy gives you the ability to make a copy of your existing products to create new products with just a couple clicks of the mouse.

    The module will copy the complete Products table record for the specific product. Attributes and the values are also copied to the new product. Custom Product Fields don't need to be copied but the values are copied to the new product also.
    Related products, Additional images, etc; are not part of the Products table and are on the roadmap be added in future releases.

    One obvious benefit of Product Copy, You won't need the import and export functions or spreadsheets, etc. You'll save valuable time by simply selecting an existing product with the look-up function, enter the new code, name, price and cost, and clicking the update button. Then simply navigate to the newly created product and modify anything that needed.


    • MivaMerchant 5.5 PR7 and later
    • MySQL
    • CSSUI

    Note: This module should currently work in MMUI, However, support for Product copy in MMUI Stores is discontinued.