3rd Party Email Integration

3rd Party Email Integration

    Code: ids_3rdparty_email

    Price: $199.99

    Product Description
    3rd Party Email Integration

    Service does everything necessary to switch your email service from the Miva email service to most 3rd party business email providers for one user.

    The service includes:
    • pointing or repointing nameservers
    • updating your DNS records where ever your DNS is hosted
    • disabling the Miva email service in Plesk

    Not all email service providers are alike and may take more time and might have an extra charge.

    Optional/Additional services include consulting for your store's compatibility for when Miva is moving your store to an upgraded server. This would include 3rd party module evaluation and checking for PHP compatibility if you run PHP scripts.

    Note: For this service, we will need to have access to all accounts to be able to edit your domain and DNS records. We also need to be invited as a SuperUser to your my.Miva.com control panel which allows us access to Miva support on your behalf and the Plesk server control panel for email configuration and Miva nameserver/DNS records. And obviously, direct access to your 3rd Party email service provider account.