Download Script Integration

Download Script Integration

    Code: int_mvdownload

    Price: $299.99

    Product Description
    This is a 100% Mivascrpt solution to add download capability to your Miva store. No Monthly fees! No Setup Fee!

    The integration includes configuration of custom fields for storing filenames.
    • Download links will be created on the Invoice page (INVC), Order History Status (ORDS) and the Customer Order Confirmation email
    • Download file can be specified at the product level or the attribute option level
    • Download files will reside in the protected mivadata folder structure
    • Includes 2 hours of integration and customization
    • Can handle larger size files. We've tested .5 gB zip files.
    • Simply use Miva's product import and export to manage filenames for downloads because you can import/export custom fields

    NOTE: This is NOT a Digital Right Module(DRM). This solution doesn't provide pin or password protection on the downloaded file. This is generally the responsibility of the author/distributor. However, limiting the download quantity and providing a time limit can help deter illegal redistribution.
    *Discounts do not apply to this service.*
    *Limited MMUI support: download count and expiration not available.*

    Answers to Common Questions

    1. Integration will configure at least one product to help illustrate usage in the custom product field or as needed to to demonstrate usage

    2. Integration will not create or compile collections or compressed distribution files such as ".zip" files

    3. The distribution are stored in the mivadata folder structure which is a protected folder. Unless otherwise requested, the base folder will be /mivadata/downloads. If your store is hosted at Miva, the folder structure will likely be /private/mivadata/downloads. /private/mivadata portion cannot be changed.

    4. Integration can be installed in current MMUI stores. There will be a reintgration charge to reintegrate into your CSSUI store when you eventually convert. The cost is TBD but if the download script doesn't need to be recompiled it should be minimal.

    5. Download count and expiration is not supported in MMUI stores. Unless there is a sponsored request for this feature, we will not pursue this since MMUI is deprecated as of MivaMerchant 9.4.