Create Your Token

Create Your Token

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    Create Your Tokens – All in one screen and use them in your pages. Easily create as many common snippets of content as you like. Every token can easily be assigned to almost any template of nearly any page you can create. The benefit is avoiding having to copy and paste the same content to every page you want to use it. And, when it changes, edit the token once, and you won't need to edit every single instance of that content on every page in every template.

    The ids_cyt item must be assigned to any PAGE you wish to add your token to. The item does not get assigned to PAGEs automatically.

    mvt:item name="ids_cyt" param="SFNT_sample"



    ids_cyt is the token name.
    param stores the label name.
    -In this case, SFNT_sample is the label name.

    NOTE: There is no license key required to install this module. Also, This version does not compile token content. Therefore, Store Morph Technology Code will not process when inserted into the content field. Instead, Store Morph code will display literally.